Polynav – Unity 2D Pathfinding!

Whilst Unity has a great solution built-in for 3D pathfinding – the Nav Mesh – for 2D games, this is less flexible as it specifically creates navigation meshes that horizontal on the Z axis. Short of creating a 2D system using a custom orthographic camera, and your own sprite renderer, it makes more sense to stick with Unity’s 2D workflow.

So what’s the solution? lucky for you, Vaggelis Gavalakis has come up with Polynav – a 2D pathfinding solution designed to work with Unity’s sprite workflow. It’s been in development a short time, and is already gaining a lot of support and traction on the Asset Store and Unity forums. Check out the videos below to see why this is so very cool!



A Night in the Woods

One of the first games to adopt Unity’s 2D tools early in the beta cycle, ‘A Night in the Woods’ used Kickstarter to fund it’s development. With a beautiful, distinct, Saul Bass-esque aesthetic that evokes previous 2D Unity title ‘Beat Sneak Bandit’ by Simogo, and a uniquely dark sense of humour, this looks like something very special indeed.
Here’s the Kickstarter trailer -

A more narrative based affair than the aforementioned Simogo title, A Night in the Woods promises a unique experience, and although it’s Kickstarter is complete (raising over $200k over the original goal of $50k), this is definitely a game to keep track of.

Developer Alec Holowka (@infinite_ammo), a long-standing member of the Unity community has teamed up with Scott Benson (@bombsfall), a long time animator and illustrator to create the game. The game’s combination of style and humour fits the current return of adventure gaming espoused by Double Fine’s recent Kickstarter success with Broken Age, and for fans of a bygone era of Lucasarts and Sierra adventures, it’s a joy to see happening.

Check out A Night In the Woods at it’s official site -


Dialoguer – In-game dialogue tool

As a lover of adventure games, and having got my introduction into game development trying to make text and graphic adventures, I was super excited to discover Dialoguer. A tool created by Tony Coculuzzi, this Unity plug-in adds some killer functionality to allow you to create dialogue trees and interactions using a simple node based workflow.

Check out Tony’s reveal video below, and grab Dialoguer whilst it’s on promotion right now – for the ultimate price of ‘FREE’!


Visit the site and Download


Introduction to Pixel Art for Beginners

This awesome one-sheet from Deviant art user ‘Cellusious’ came from a link on the Learn Unity 2D Facebook group – thanks to Pietro Polsinelli for posting it!

Cellusious makes some really important points in this informative sheet – that many pixel art tutorials aim to teach muscle memory and uniformity, whereas pixel art, like any other form should emphasise skill in design and drawing.

Find the sheet on his Deviant art page here.

Follow Cellusious on Twitter.


Puppet 2D

As a big fan of the Rayman series of games, I took an interest in the UbiArt tool pipeline that Ubisoft have developed to make that series easy to iterate upon. This system involves a really neat tool for rigging bones to sprites for simple animation based on forward kinematics, if you’re interested in that, check out the video below -

Thanks to the rather awesome Jamie Niman, if you want to try out these kinds of tools in Unity, you needn’t go apply for a job at Ubisoft. Puppet 2D is his creation, giving you the ability to rig your 2D sprite characters for flexible animation. Watch the promo video below and then visit his site for more information -

Puppet2D official site – http://www.puppet2d.com/


Zombie Conga top-down tutorial

Ever wanted to make a top-down 2D game about a zombie that loves to dance? You’re in luck my friend! Ray Wenderlich’s site features a tutorial from Christopher LaPollo that covers a lot of the new 2D features.

I know many people online prefer a written tutorial over video, so this is one for you guys. With assets to download, and detailed step by step instructions, these guys have done a great job with this tutorial. Go check it out -



2D Realtime Strategy tutorial

The Battle of Teutoberg forest is a what design a game’ are calling a shared experiment rather than a tutorial per se, but its still a useful insight into the kind of things you’ll face when aiming to create a strategic game – for that reason, its well worth following this series to its conclusion.

Here’s the core of the tutorial on Youtube -

But check out the page on designagame itself to get all the details, plus assets and notes -




Stumbled across these awesome little games by Ryleigh Kostash via Twitter – I apologise to the poster I’ve forgotten your handle! My favourite has to be Mazing as it reminds me of the simplicity of games we often forget these days – oh and it makes me want to play Super Bomberman again of course! But hey they’re webplayers so what are you waiting for? Don’t take my word for it! go play em!